Liam, Founder at Freelancelift

Why not make the expertise, experience and handiwork you already have work harder for you?

Of all of the principles I now treat as the norm, the one that could make the most difference to you right now is wrapping up your experience, expertise & handiwork into a sellable product that can exist and sell without being tied to your hourly rate.

If you could make only one move it should be to build a way to generate income alongside your primary freelance earnings, by building a secondary product set with the experience and expertise you already have.

This free book, delivered by email walks you through all of that, gives you a mindmap to really pin down what it is you'll build and gives you a beta list access to our Handiwork video training platform.

The book

Packed with actionable guidance on freelancer stability

I'll take a copy

Easy-to-follow guidance for overcoming constraints which freelancing has straight out of the box

You’ll learn

  • Why there's an 'old world' mentality to freelancing
  • How productizing your expertise beats the Income Roller Coaster
  • Simple, actionable questions for building your idea

Often generating the idea and understanding how that will translate to a product is the main obstacle to building a product, we overcome this with probing questions you can take away and action.

You’ll learn

  • How you'd monetize a book, ebook, video or a plugin
  • How to overcome "maintenance mode" in your business
  • Why products should be a key part of your 2014 plan

I've laid out the highlights to my framework which you can action right away

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There is no cost for this book and mindmap package. Handiwork is launching in January so all I ask in return is that you join us for the beta and take the growth of your business seriously this year.

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