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Advice, support, community and a clear path for your growing freelance business

Crucial learning and a vibrant community to get better at the business side of freelancing. Expect a clear, step-by-step roadmap to finding more clients, earning more per project and enjoying your craft again.

You left the world of ‘9-5’ to pursue a passion and provide that as a service. To earn a living doing it and set your own schedule.

What you may have come to realize however is that doing the actual work is the easy bit, the fun part. Where most freelance businesses fail is the actual running of the business itself (finding new clients, pricing yourself properly, growing your business, enabling recurring revenue etc).

Freelancelift will take you step-by-step through the business side of freelancing to help you close more deals, price yourself accordingly, and manage your clients/business/time with ease.

That's why I've put out hours of HD video lessons, it's why I wrote a 50,000 word Amazon bestselling book, it's why I host a podcast, write short books, release blog posts, operate a community and coach freelancers like you.

I want to see you actioning a plan, looking ahead, knocking down goals regularly and evolving as a business (not just a 'freelancer getting by'). This is my promise.

Liam Veitch
Founder at Freelancelift and author of 'Evolution of a $1M Web Designer'

Community collaboration, training and support specifically for you

It took a first time failure as a freelancer for the realisation to happen for me, my role at Freelancelift is to give you the shortcut to where I am now, the head of a thriving web agency

I am the proud author of a full length book clocking over 15,000 sales on Amazon entitled 'Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1M Web Designer'. My basic premise is that you need to take a step back, look at your freelance venture as a living, breathing business.

Putting out fires every day, addressing only the activity shouting the loudest (clients, finances, learning) is an inefficient, exhausting and mostly ineffective way of working.

That's what I built Freelancelift for and that's why I want you to join, and you can start for free. Here's what you can expect.

Been really enjoying reading the material at freelancelift, Highly recommend it for creative freelancers! Thanks @freelancelift

Jean Watson

Absolutely wonderful insights in this month's Pro Workbook from @freelancelift. Already the most valuable service in 2018 for small agencies

Hau Ngo

Highly recommend @freelancelift playbooks, free book resources for freelancers

Jessica Walker

Immediately downloadable short books for motivation and direction

You can download a growing library of concise books, each finely tuned to give you the motivation to make every goal stick. In Freelancelift Pro you'll get one every single month.

Actionable, high quality video training from someone still in the field

The straightforward advice you get in every video lesson comes directly from real-world experience, I’m not some faceless guru-guy whose job it is to sell you stuff.

I built my freelance business into something incredible, which doesn’t need my time now – but I still show up, I still hustle and my advice is from someone who works as a service provider now, not 10 years ago.

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5 Signs you’re ready for evolution as a freelancer

In-depth courses to help you achieve a specific goal, every single month

Every month inside Freelancelift Pro we have a new theme, one big goal to achieve in your business and you have a video course, ebook, coaching and a live workshop to help you do it.

Courses are available to Pro members only right now. We're trying to build something awesome, hope to see you inside. You can join Freelancelift for free, or upgrade to Pro for to unlock everything. Tell me more

An active community of solo service providers, pushing in your direction

Share ideas, overcome obstacles and make connections with a community of peers who have one thing in common; a commitment to growing beyond run-of-the-mill freelancer advice and create freedom (in all it's guises, financial, creative, security) with their tiny businesses.

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Podcast with former freelancers who have made the transition to the top level and want to tell you their story

Short, to the point podcasts carry advice and guidance from former freelancers who have already evolved into the top bracket.

  • With D Bnonn Tennant

  • With Justin Jackson

  • With Robert Williams

  • With Shawn Hesketh

  • With Nathan Barry

  • With Brennan Dunn

  • With Corbett Barr

  • With Bronson Taylor

  • With Neil Patel

  • With Amy Hoy

  • With David Okuniev

  • With Adii Pienaar

  • With Dan Norris

  • With Paul Jarvis

  • With Brant Cooper


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"I downloaded 'Hourly Rates Don't Matter' and followed the outline you put forth on how to make the pitch. I asked for more money than I've ever asked for a project before and got the contract. Thank you!"

Zach Berning

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