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No bullshit business growth ideas for the ‘doing okay’ freelancer

Posts, videos, short books and interviews for freelance designers, writers and marketers for breaking through your earnings ceiling.

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Blast through to the next level and finally go from ‘doing okay’ to living the lifestyle you really want.


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Still swapping time for money?

Why you’re limiting the revenue you can make on a monthly basis and the 3 key things you can do about it.

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I’ll teach you to how to make freelancing more stable

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Hourly Rates Don’t Matter.

How to raise your freelance rate by adopting a value-led pricing structure

The truth is, when it comes to pricing it is YOU who controls the perceived value of what you do. When this perceived value impacts your pricing structure it is YOU who controls whether this year will be another ‘just okay’ year freelancing.

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Freelancelift is for designers, writers, marketers and creatives who

  • Do ‘okay’ but know there is more out there
  • Want to flatten the peaks & troughs, stabilize income
  • Understand they could leverage their time better

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