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How to repel bad apples and attract dream clients simultaneously

Low quality clients eat up your morale and your time, here’s how you can repel them before they get to you.

Attracting Dream Clients


How will you know when you’re evolution ready?

In the book, the first phase consists of getting ready for evolution. What are the key indicators you're ready?

Planning for Evolution


5 reasons top bracket freelancers aren’t on Elance

Freelancer exchanges can be useful when you’re just starting out, but in order to grow you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Attracting Dream Clients


Building products for a secondary income, as a freelancer

Freelancing is an inherently unstable game, yet there are ways to increase stability, including building a profitable side project.

Income Stability


Why you need to implement ‘Big Business Shit’

How can you think bigger, yet retain the core advantages which make your one-person business awesome?

Planning for Evolution


Are you still swapping your time for money?

Why you’re limiting the revenue you can make on a monthly basis and the 3 key things you can do about it.

Knowing the steps to growth


Be the specialist, find better clients by narrowing your audience

A lot of marketing is about perception. As a specialist in a certain area you have a much higher perceived value.

Building an online reputation


5 ways to increase earnings by 100%

When it comes to building income, it pays to know your benchmarks. But how do you translate these into an increase in earnings?

Planning for Evolution


Bill on the value you provide, not the time you spend

When pitching your freelance services, are you talking quality & value rather than time?

Attracting Dream Clients


There are two types of freelancer, which are you?

When it comes to positioning yourself and from a client relations point of view, there are two types of freelancer, the 'Partner' and the 'Labourer'

Planning for Evolution


Why you need to care about salesmanship as a freelancer

I'm often asked how important 'salesmanship' is to a freelancer. Here's my answer, for when you need to start selling.

Income Stability


Approaching a prospective client with a cold email, the right way

A great way to move away from freelancer exchanges is to proactively reach out to dream clients, but how do you do this without spamming?

Attracting Dream Clients


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