Stop making puddles, make waves [Q&A]

David Okuniev is the co-founder of the beautiful Typeform. The recent beneficiary of $750k VC funding, David has come a long way from his freelance UI design roots. This call dives deep into the transition from providing a service (with the ceiling it naturally has) to developing a product.

Be in control

David covered that going into a startup, and building a product stream allowed him to break away from always having to satisfy others’ expectations.  Whilst I am not advising you to give up everything right now you should look to develop a strategy which puts you in control and overcomes the key obstacles which leave you at the mercy of every new client.

Break away from the earnings ceiling

When working for clients, swapping your time for an hourly rate Working for other people there is always a ceiling to earnings so its important to build a strategy that allows you to break away from that.

Be a product of your environment

By surrounding himself with tech startups and by providing his freelance services David was able to lean on the expertise of entrepreneurs already in those circles.  By surrounding yourself with forward thinking entrepreneurs even on a networking level can really help get clarity on what your next growth move should be.

Be the best

A primary driver for the growth of Typeform has been the quality of the end product.  This, coupled with great customer service has built an army of evangelists.   Being the best gives you the unique opportunity to build relationships via word-of-mouth – this is especially true within the service sector.

Stop making puddles, make waves

By doubling-down on a strategy with a clear goal in mind David was able to take it to the next level. You can catch David over at Typeform.

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