The ‘Not So Cold’ Freelance Client

What if you had a direct line into your dream client? If you squander the chance with poor emails you’ll fail to get the clients you deserve.

If these prospective clients were receptive to what you had to say and were responsive to your ideas it’d be a great tool for building a pipeline of high quality freelance work, right?

It seems a little ‘easier said that done’ doesn’t it? Hand-pick some clients, drop them an email to spark a conversation then add them to your list of clients. This means it’s easy pickings for snake oil salesmen, so it’s your duty to figure out how to do cold email right, to maximize your chances of getting a reply and an ongoing conversation.

What’s inside?

  • How to profile your recipients
  • How a 5 figure client relationship started with one cold email
  • How to you should start an email
  • Copy techniques and how to close off
  • Teardowns of good, bad and ugly emails

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