The Business Side of Freelancing

You may be coming to realize that the work itself (design, code, whatever your skill) is the easy bit, the fun part.

Where most freelance businesses fail is the actual running of the business itself (finding new clients, pricing yourself properly, growing your business, enabling recurring revenue etc).

In this guide & email blueprint I wanted to give you the shortcut to understanding these elements. You’re great at your skill, it’s what you do. If your business side isn’t great at what it does you might find you just created a needy job, not a livelihood. Sound like a plan?

What’s inside?

  • The 6 Success Traits and why they matter
  • 10 day course by email with interactive worksheets & templates
  • Detailed exercises to help you with pricing and closing the sale
  • How to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and do marketing well