Hourly Rates Don’t Matter

How to raise your freelance rate by adopting a value-led pricing structure

The truth is, when it comes to pricing it is YOU who controls the perceived value of what you do. When this perceived value impacts your pricing structure it is YOU who controls whether this year will be another ‘just okay’ year freelancing.

In this book I wanted to get you out of the ‘hourly rate’ way of thinking. There is a reason top bracket freelancers don’t scrap for hourly work with 100s of other hopefuls and once you understand how to bill fairly (for you as well as your clients) neither will you.

What’s inside?

  • 5 Reasons your clients won’t buy
  • How to base your price on value provided, not time spent
  • Why your expertise is more like an ‘iceberg’ than a stopwatch
  • A 10 section structure template for your next proposal