Everything’s easier with attention

Attract leads and develop interest in your freelance service by focusing on activity which demands attention from your audience.

It seems almost beyond our capabilities sometimes to ‘do marketing well’ as a freelancer. Indeed, for the most part, the advice is patchy
at best. Which is why I call it ‘attention’ instead. This makes it clear what your’re aiming towards and in this book I want to show you how I attract attention and provide you 20 ways you can get it too.

Smart marketing & ‘Attention’ provides leverage, and is often the difference between the struggling freelancer and the effortlessly successful.

What’s inside?

  • 20 ways to promote you and your message
  • Why attention isn’t measured in pageviews
  • How to provide value in your space
  • What you’ll need when building exposure
  • How to leverage paid marketing channels

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