Define Your Dream Client

How to narrow your pool of customers to increase your chances of making the sale.

We have a weakness. We will gladly accept that we are just one of a sea of other freelancers a client could pick. This is accepted, par for the course, normal. What if it was possible (with blinding speed to execute) to turn that really big pond into a tiny, yet viable fishbowl?

The truth is, you’re choosing to blend into the background and it’s hurting your chances of making the sale. I don’t want you to be ‘just another freelancer’, that’s why I wrote this short book.

What’s inside?

  • How to get off the mark and find ideas in bulk
  • Why your current clients can give you clues
  • How to qualify and the key questions to ask
  • How to be ruthless and make the decision
  • Tools and techniques to ensure you get it done

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