A Predictable Freelance Life

How to build a more predictable, more stable freelance business

The truth is, when it comes to breaking away from that freelancing ‘income roller coaster’ we mostly focus on the wrong areas. You know the feeling, some good weeks, some bad weeks and an lack of predictability and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it.

In this book and the free course that I’ll also send you by email I wanted to get you out of the ‘treading water’ mindset. It really comes down to achieving the accountability, direction and the tunnel vision required to plan ahead financially and live a little more comfortably.

What’s inside?

  • Where freelancer income instability starts
  • How to get perspective when you’re ‘treading water’
  • The key steps to professional predictability
  • The most common mistakes when trying to fix ‘the income roller coaster’
  • How real change happens as a freelancer

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