Fundamental actions to build freelancer stability

If you feel like you're treading water at the moment this course is for you, a jump into the deep-end to help the creative sparks ignite. You'll understand some fundamental aspects of evolutionary growth and have a solid spread of insights.

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Course lessons

1 - Are you a labourer or partner?

When it comes to positioning yourself and from a client relations point of view, there are two types of freelancer, the 'Partner' and the 'Labourer'In this video we'll look to find out which one you are.

2 - Repel bad apples and attract dream clients

Low quality clients eat up your morale and your time, here’s how you can repel them before they get to you.

3 - Approaching a client hit list with cold email

A great way to move away from freelancer exchanges is to proactively reach out to dream clients, but how do you do this without spamming?

4 - Key elements of a great proposal

As solo service providers, we sometimes feel we're somehow exempt from salesmanship.In this video, we'll look into the key elements any proposal should cover to maximise your chances of making the sale.

5 - Implementing pricing tiers for your work

Pricing psychology is an infinitely interesting topic, but sometimes a little difficult to translate to a strategy for service providers.Here are some things you need to know.

The objective of this course is to give you a foundational understanding of what it’ll take to evolve your tiny freelance business into something incredible.

I want to help you break through your plateau and give you 5 video lessons to help you start to build momentum with evolving and growing your business. Contains ideas and techniques I wish I’d known that first time around as a freelancer.