263 Time management & productivity tips to help you better manage your time

Finding coherent productivity advice is sometimes tricky, so in this post we've curated 263 of the best tips we could find

So yes, I’ve finally succumbed to the junk food of blogging – creating a compilation list, but this content deserves it – I’ve compiled 10 of the best reference points for making headway with time management

Yes this could be construed as lazy but I prefer to call it “an exercise in curation” on the best tips out there; so for each I’ve given you some takeaways and key points to take into consideration.  We’re talking time management after all so I’d only be contributing to your overwhelm if I gave you 263 tips of my own right?

101 Productivity tips by Productive Superdad

Some real effort went into this one.  Standing at over 10,000 words it’s a beast and ironically will kill your productivity if you spend a few hours digesting it but boy is it thorough and would be a good strategic investment of your time.

Key takeaways

Number 68 aligns with my way of thinking – it’s vital to create workflows and processes as it’ll enable you to establish what is non-essential work that you can devolve responsibility of.

10 Time Management Tips that Work by Entrepreneur

A collaboration post from Jon Mathews, Don Debolt and Deb Percival this introduces the concept of “real time” vs “clock time” which essentially asserts that to be better at time management you need to first understand what time actually is.   Nice read.

Key takeaways:

Scheduling time for interruptions, in a similar way to planning productivity bursts is a great way to manage time and balance revenue making activity with non-revenue yet essential activities.

50 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs by Sujan Patel

Always enjoy what Sujan has to say, this chunky set of tips is really worth bookmarking to keep you as productive as ever. As the founder of one of the top internet marketing agencies is San Francisco, California, he speaks from a position of authority.

Key takeaways:

His 21st tip on starting with easiest items first is actually something I advocate. It really makes sense to generate a feeling of momentum which wouldn’t otherwise achievable starting with something overly demanding – in addition “Start every day with a list of your Top 3 “To Do” items” is very much worth a mention!

17 Productivity Tips by Robin Sharma

We live in an environment littered with distraction, this is a theme running through this list from Robin Sharma.

Key takeaways:

I could just copy and paste the list into here but I’ll plump for Work in 90 minute cycles as the takeaway for you on this one, there are surveys about surveys about this topic.  It just works, so do it!

10 Productivity Tips by 99U (Insights on Making Ideas Happen by Behance)

The perennially beautiful Behance with their ten cents on their ten laws of productivity, via sub-brand 99U, this is more aimed at you if you’re in web but applicable to all businesses if interpreted appropriately.

Key takeaways:

Number 9 – Practice saying “NO” is a lovely counter-intuitive concept.  I really like the idea of viewing creative energy as a finite resource and this explanation nails it.

9 Productivity Tips to Maximize Life by Power Partnership Program

PPP stands by a mission to empower lives and effectively run with time towards greater accomplishments and I think Bryan hit the nail on the head with this list.

Key takeaways:

The 6th tip – Focus on How You Are Going to Get There – is about building the bridge between your goals and your decisions and that vision mapping is something we insist small business owners pay attention to, not only to improve productivity but to achieve more of what you visualise.

15 Effective Productivity Tips for Bloggers by BloggingTipsToday

It is difficult to maintain maximum efficiency when it comes to to creating quality and high-value blog content.  Writers, be they freelancer or full-time are prone to writers block so these tips are useful to breaking out and taking ownership of your time.

Key takeaways:

Number 12 – Don’t write and edit at the same time – is a nice concept, not something I’ve previously implemented but it’ll definitely help you not second guess yourself.

It’s a similar idea to dictating your post from a mindmap – which I advocate here as you just go ahead then make it flow in the editing phase (or when I receive the transcription in the case of dictation)

10 Productivity Tips by Business News Daily

More focused on providing advice to improving productivity if you’re already in employment this list however I’ve included as some points are quite well made.

Key takeaways:

In line with pre-planning days to ensure maximum productivity, the second tip of Get a head-start on tomorrow by preparing before you leave the office today has a solid foundation.

15 Productivity Tips from several experts by Psychology Today

Probably the smartest crowd to crowd-source tips from here in this list from Alice Boyes on Psychology Today.   I think it gives us an additional dimension here to work from

Key takeaways:

The Pomodoro Technique tip by Dr Heidi Reeder is one sure-fire way to battle through the unavoidable activities. I like the idea of “I can do anything for 25 minutes” and approaching what I’d term “essential / non-revenue” activities such as email processing.

11 Productivity Tips from Super-Productive People by Fast Company

Any list so bold as to recommend you dispose of your to-do lists is worth a shout!  Erin Schulte has compiled interview quote bits into a post which flows really nicely.

Key takeaways:

I’m always keen to understand new productivity technologies and the ‘OHIO’ (Only handle it once) should be something you test rolling into your daily work to see how it jives with your email processing.  It kinda contradicts inbox zero as even that allows you to “Defer” an email til later but the idea behind it is very much sound, worth testing.

5 Productivity and Management Tips by Harvard Business Review

Multitasking has been shown to quickly sap energy levels, Harvard Business Review collated tips from HBR to address that amongst other nuggets.

Key takeaways:

I’ve always wanted to run trials of building nap times into daily activity for my team.  We’ve managed to accommodate a table tennis table but not sleeping quarters just yet but I’m certainly interested in the uplift in productivity this could result in.263 Time Management & Productivity Tips

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