Growth is really hard, "evolution" is better. This book will help

You can earn 50% more next month than you did this month. It clicked for me when I realised I wasn't exempt from that word, business.

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“I believe any freelancer will get HUGE benefit from reading this and applying the principles.”

Aaron Kennard

“A down to earth book that really gets down to what needs to be said and adds value. Highly recommended”

Alastair Macartney

Freelancing is fing difficult. It’s tough to plan for growth (in client volumes and revenue) when current income is too unstable to even consider anything beyond the here and now.

If you’re anything like I was five or six years ago there’s a nagging feeling you have, that something is holding you back from making more out of this. We all love what we do on a day-to-day basis but what’s the end game? After brief glimmers of hope and opportunity why does it always pan out the same financially?

Five years ago I threw in the towel as a designer, overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid. I’d failed. After a brief incarceration a corporate 9-5 something changed. I relaunched as a freelancer and the second time was very different. In this book I’ve laid out everything I wish I’d have known first time around.

I'm under no illusions, you don't care about me and my story.

You do care about keeping the lights on though. You do care about putting food on the table and you hate it when you can’t be 100% sure that those responsibilities will be taken care of two months from now. I had the same struggle, I'm still "in the field" too it's just I now have a different story to tell. So I wrote this book.

Liam Veitch
Founder at Freelancelift and author of 'Evolution of a $1m web designer'


249 pages of honest, actionable advice to help you push on.

  • Make freelancing more stable
  • Beat "treading water" cycles
  • Repel 'bad apple' clients
  • Multiply online exposure
  • Build income predictability
  • Have dream clients find you
  • Leverage recurring revenue
  • Work less while earning more

Backed by a community of ambitious freelancers, working through videos, short books, podcasts and posts

Honest advice from someone who is still in the field

I’m not some faceless, distant, self-important asshole "guru" whose primary business is selling information to you instead of selling a service to clients. I still head up the agency I built from my freelance business (Tone). Granted, I’m not a slave to money any more. But let’s just say that I don’t work four hours a week, either.

“You ought to read this book. For $10 you could make 1000x your investment. I know i have :)”

Tom Morkes

“This is the book that every freelancer needs! The process has never been laid out so clearly, or with so much flair."

Kimberlee Ferrell

Growth is hard, evolution is better

Evolution is a constant state of improvement, evolution is tangible, exciting, clear. Earning more this month than you did last month, attracting better clients, repelling the bad apples and evolving your tiny business into something you can be proud of.

In Phase I of the book you'll understand how to get your freelance business evolution-ready.

Download a free sample chapter here or head to directly to Amazon to take a preview version:

The five phases of freelancer business evolution and why they matter for your tiny business

Repel bad apples, attract dream clients

In the large majority of cases, it's you who decides the calibre of client you get. You get the final say on the price, you draw out the deliverables, you get final say on deadlines and you control how you're perceived online.

In Phase II you'll understand the power of perception. Building a message which repels bad apples and attracts dream clients (who can pay 10x more).

Build a reputation and exposure

Have you ever stopped to wonder why 'A List' freelancers ended up A list? Was it a time in the game thing? Maybe. Was it luck? Maybe. Or was it that they committed to actually being vocal in their space, building a reputation by providing value at every opportunity and shouting about if online?

Phase III in your evolution cycle is building up your own reputation. When this reputation directly correlates with your income this is a big deal, believe me.

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Level out the 'income roller coaster'

Why do you work so hard to win a client then happily bid them goodbye once the project is over? Then why aren't you diversifying the income tracks you have into your business? Income stability as a freelancer isn't taboo. It just takes a small tweak in the way you see client relationships.

Phase IV sees us tackle that 'freelancing demon', income instability. The way we're 'told' to do freelancing is wrong. Let's fix it.

Work less while earning more

Freelancers wear lots of hats. We occupy every role in our businesses. It’s exhausting. We’re responsible for sales, marketing customer service, production, accounts and everything in between. Your business has an infrastructure problem. It simply isn't equipped to deal with life without you in it.

Phase V in your evolution cycle involves loosening the reins. Taking a step outside the day-to-day to build something that can grow with less of 'YOU' managing it.

Amazon US $8.99 Amazon UK £6.99  

So what are your goals? What’s really stopping you from getting to where you need to be? Why aren’t you evolving your business?

If you aren’t consistently improving and evolving the stability of your business stuck in an hourly rate hamster wheel, working hard but staying perfectly still.

I want to help you break through your plateau and give you over 249 pages of tried & tested actions for evolving and growing your business. Ideas and techniques I wish I’d known that first time around as a freelancer.

Are you in? The links are below or grab a sample chapter below that.

Amazon US $8.99 Amazon UK £6.99 

Download a free sample chapter here or head to directly to Amazon to take a preview version:

The five phases of freelancer business evolution and why they matter for your tiny business